Our organization is involved in numerous projects that helps to improve lifestyle of people

Active community Involvement

We organise many events on the community level to boost the lifestyle of the local peoples. 

Address social determinants of health

We provide various programs and event regarding spiritual, mental, physical health of the individuals of the local communities. 

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Global Network

We have global connection of medical health professionals that helps to boost basic health of the individuals. 


We have experienced professionals in our team to provide best leadership.

Mental Health

HUDEC Nepal is working in the field of public-mental health promoting wellbeing with the theme of “We Rise By Lifting Others” Being a naïve organization, HUDEC Nepal has contributed in the best possible ways to enhance mental wellbeing during the time of Covid-19 and beyond. Accomplished 35 Sessions on Mental health awareness at different levels including session themes like-Mental Health awareness, Mental Health Matters, Mind matters, Self- care, Be kind to your mind, Parenting, Teachers training, Stress management, Mental health and Wellbeing, Happiness triangle. Impacted 1200+ direct lives collaborating with 35 different organizations.

Non-communicable disease (NCD)

The prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCD) in Nepal is expected to have surged in the past few decades due to longer life expectancy from improved care of communicable diseases. True epidemiology of NCD is unknown due to lack of well-designed prospective cohort studies. Thus, a large number of rural community residents may be living with undiagnosed and untreated NCDs. The NCD Nepal project is a community-level intervention that encompasses two arms: a comprehensive, multidimensional and longitudinal clinical care; and a community-based prospective epidemiological study.